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Owning a home is a pipedream for many Canadian millennials

12/13/2019 | Posted in Home Buyers by Paul DeAdder

couple-browsing-for-homes-444.jpg - Real Estate News

Millions of Canadian millennials feel they may never be able to follow previous generations into homeownership according to a new survey.

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Ownership registry to help stamp out money laundering in housing

10/21/2019 | Posted in Canadian Housing Market by Paul DeAdder

business-close-up-hand-269.jpg - Real Estate News

This is the best place to start in fighting off the influence of illicit foreign money.

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Canadians more likely to be homeowners, have a mortgage

8/9/2019 | Posted in Canadian Housing Market by Paul DeAdder

happy-couple-in-front-of-sold-home-123.jpg - Real Estate News

Homeownership rates are higher now than they were two decades ago according to a new analysis from Statistics Canada.

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Canadian homeownership rates still among highest globally

3/6/2019 | Posted in Canadian Housing Market by Paul DeAdder

sold-home-for-sale-260.jpg - Real Estate News

Homeownership rates in Canada remain among the highest in the world despite housing affordability concerns across the country, according to the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC).

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Nearly half of Gen Zers want to buy a home in the next few years

9/4/2018 | Posted in Home Buyers by Paul DeAdder

group-of-young-adults-338.jpg - Real Estate News

Here are some interesting data about Gen Zers and their homeownership plans and goals.

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Millennials driving Canada's hot real estate market

5/9/2018 | Posted in Canadian Housing Market by Paul DeAdder

movers-24.jpg - Real Estate News

Almost six in 10 Canadian millennials are already homeowners, with more of this age group planning to buy a home in the next two years, according to a Genworth Canada survey ... More

Census data sheds light on rental supply

10/27/2017 | Posted in Toronto Real Estate by Paul DeAdder

own-or-rent-sign-120.jpg - Real Estate News

This week’s census data revealed Canadians’ changing living habits – and the trickle-down effect that’s affecting the rental market and its existing ... More

Almost half of Ontario homeowners expect their home to fund retirement

9/27/2017 | Posted in Ontario News by Paul DeAdder

property-value-108.jpg - Real Estate News

A large share of homeowners in Ontario are counting on home values increasing to ensure they have sufficient retirement funds.

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Buyers to face even greater hurdles

9/19/2017 | Posted in Mortgages and Real Estate by Paul DeAdder

contract-real-estate-mortgage-102.jpg - Real Estate News

Last year’s mortgage rule changes placed roadblocks in front of millions of would-be buyers, but increased rates and future regulatory action may prove even more ... More

New Canadians overwhelmingly target home ownership

6/30/2017 | Posted in Home Buyers by Paul DeAdder

first-time-home-buyers-21.jpg - Real Estate News

New study reveals Canadians born outside the country view home ownership as a major milestone.

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Obsession with home ownership driving Toronto affordability crisis, report finds

5/23/2017 | Posted in Toronto Real Estate by Paul DeAdder

home-buyers---client-handshake-130.jpg - Real Estate News

The Toronto area will need up to $150 billion in new home construction in the coming decade and most of that should be rental units, says a report from the Canadian Centre for ... More

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